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In recent years we successfully launched several projects for private customers, SMEs and self-employed

TypiPay Virtual Card - Typi Messenger payment tool

A full-fledged payment tool built into the Typi messenger. The virtual card allows you to transfer money to users of the service, receive transfers from friends and use it to pay for daily purchases, including in the ApplePay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay applications.


«One's own master» — mobile app for self-employed

A convenient mobile application with a full set of functionality for comfortable accounting of professional activities of the self-employed:

- Registration of the self-employed in the Federal tax service
- Formation of receipts for services rendered
- Payment of professional income tax

My income logo
Приложение РСХБ
api banking
api banking
api banking

Alfa.Corporate — personal account of the self-employed aggregator

We have developed a convenient solution for companies working with the self-employed. It helps to automate interaction at all stages of working with them:

- Registration and creation of self-employed registers
- Checking the status of self-employed
- Mass payments
- Cancellation of checks
AlfaBank site
AlfaBank apibank
AlfaBank logo eng
AlfaBank apibank

My income — mobile app for the self-employed

Personal account of the self-employed in the mobile app (iOS and Android) for comfortable interaction with customers working with Alfa.Corporate:

- View payouts
- Cancellation of checks
- Information about tax, debt, and penalties
- Notifications from the Federal tax service
MyIncome app
MyIncome app
MyIncome ApiBank
MyIncome ApiBank
MyIncome logo

Neobank from cashback service LetyShops

Prepaid card and cashback service in a single mobile app for smart shopping with LetyShops.

LetyBank helps customers double their cashback for online and offline shopping. Over 1200 shops / sellers and services all over the world, free top-up, payment and transfers are available for LetyBank users
LetyShop bank app
LetyShops logo
LetyShop bank site

Digital low-cost bank for SMEs

Prosto|Bank is a low-cost bank for SMEs. The bank operates under the license of "KUB" Bank (Gazprombank Group member).

It offers current accounts, corporate cards and an online bank for entrepreneurs.

APIBank technologies were used to automate business processes of "KUB" Bank, making its offers client-oriented and significantly more attractive
ProstoBank Site
ProstoBank logo
ProstoBank App
ProstoBank card

Prosto|Bank for self-employed

We created a mobile app for self-employed within the Prosto|Bank project.

Thanks to the integration with the Federal Tax Service, customers can sign up as self-employed, manage their finances and handle all the taxes just with a few clicks and taps in the application. It is also possible to manage current accounts and a debit cards in the app.

Moreover, self-employed customers can get up to 20% cashback from our network of partners that covers over 2000 shops/sellers all over the Russia, including AliExpress and M.Video
ProstoBank logo
ProstoBank app

E-wallet for digital assets

Aximetria is a Swiss financial service that allows users all over the world to open digital accounts, make free international transfers and operate digital assets
Aximetria App
Aximetria Logo
Aximetria Card

Online accounting service and bank in one product

"SKB Kontur" offers its clients "Elba.Bank" – a banking product built on Apibank technologies.

This integration provides customers with complex services such as bank and accounting service; bank and management accounting for business
Kontur Site
Kontur Logo
Kontur App

The first bank in a messenger

TalkBank is the first virtual bank in Telegram and Viber messengers. Users can manage their current accounts and cards by simply chatting with a bot.

The bank provides its customers with both virtual and physical cards. Using the card, customers receive 7% of interest and 5% cashback for any purchase
Talk Bank App
TalkBank Logo
Talk Bank Card

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